HVLS Fans – Big Smart Fan!

HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fans – although ceiling fans have been in use since the late 1800’s, this technology was not adapted and engineered for industrial use until the late 1900’s. With the velocity cooling method being an acceptable alternative to expensive mechanical cooling when the temperature of the air being moved across the skin is less than the average person’s skin temperature (95F), and the required velocity of air moving across the skin being relatively low (50-200 fpm depending on application) and easy to achieve, our manufacturer has developed the optimal fan blade for this application.

HVLS fans are now becoming more and more popular in the industrial market as the preferred method to protect workers from heat stress and provide comfort for several reasons including –

  • Very low operational cost when compared to alternative methods
  • Easily achieves required velocity for cooling effect
  • Enables reduction/elimination of “man/spot-cooler” high velocity fans (nuisance, hazard, negative effect on hoods/dust collection)
  • 100% reversible air flow for year round use to reduce HVAC costs through de-stratification and balanced air
  • Engineered Rotatair Composite tapered blade design combined with Variable Pitch Technology and Multimode Smart Control gives you the Next Generation HVLS Fan

Indventech supplies engineered HVLS fans manufactured by the innovators of HVLS fan technology, AirMotion Sciences. Contact us to discuss your application. To receive a competitive quote, please click the Contact Us above.

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