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  1. joe deyorio says:

    a 7.5hp motor (ehaust fan) in our paint is pulling about 30-40% to many amps, ive checked voltage at motor leads and its good, replaced belts with the exact ones, removed an damper that kept falling down, the fla is 9.1a @ 460v and volt on motor leads while running under load is around 477v, and the wire size is good. There doesnt appear to be any bad bearings and the pullys are holding the belts good. does any one have in clues to why were pulling so many anps.

  2. keenan says:

    The damper may have been there to create artificial pressure which would reduce airflow and required amps. If it was working fine before, then based on what you have described, removing the damper is the only element that has changed. Need more information about damper.

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